Why Is There an Increase in Surrogacy Parents?

More people are coming to Texas to exercise their option of becoming parents through surrogacy. Texas has a surrogacy statute that protects married and single intended parent(s). At Gaydos Duffer P.C, we guide our clients through the entire surrogacy process from selecting an agency to finalizing parental rights.

Texas Laws

Texas surrogacy laws are very good. The law sets out that the intended parents are the legal parents and their names go on the birth certificate.

The law requires that only one party to the surrogate arrangement be a Texas resident in order to use Texas law. It is common to choose the law of the state where the surrogate lives and the laws of that state control how to establish parental rights.

We caution intended parents to carefully choose the state since some state laws are much more restrictive than those in Texas. For example, New York and some other states have no surrogacy statute. In other states, like Michigan, paid surrogacy is considered a crime and the lawyer and those involved can be punished financially and even be sent to jail.

Begin with an Agency

Although some people find a family member or friend willing to be a surrogate, if you do not have this option, choosing an agency that you trust is the first step. There are agencies of all sizes. The secret is to find one that meets your needs.

Once you locate an agency, the agency will start the matching process. They help you find a surrogate who has the same desires you do for the surrogacy journey. It is important that you and your surrogate agree on topics, like selective reduction and termination of pregnancy.

After an agency screens and clears the surrogate, you then move on to the legal process. We draft your legal agreement. When we have confirmation of the pregnancy, we move forward with preparing the paperwork that will establish you as the legal parent of the child.

Some Texas agencies we have worked with over the years and trust include:

Out-of-State agencies include:

Agencies that are helpful for egg donation include:

If you are considering creating your family through surrogacy, contact us at Gaydos Duffer, P.C. for more information. You can reach us at (817) 548-5643.