White Collar Crime Attorneys

Being accused of a white collar crime can have serious consequences. Larry Gaydos has over 30 years of experience defending individuals charged with these types of crimes. Serious charges require serious representation. While there’s no all-inclusive list of “white collar crimes,” these types of crimes are generally non-violent and involve fraud and financial gain of the alleged wrongdoer. Although the actions are non-violent, the punishment for being found guilty or pleading guilty to a white collar crime can result in decades of imprisonment.

>Why hire Gaydos Duffer, P.C. to defend your white collar crime charges? There are plenty of law firms that handle criminal cases in the DFW Metroplex. However, Larry Gaydos has over three decades of experience handling these specific types of cases. He was named a Texas Super Lawyer (by Thomson Reuters) in 2013 in the field of white collar criminal defense. He’s served as a Regional Chair of the American Bar Association White Collar Crime Committee.

There are federal white collar crimes as well as Texas white collar crimes. Examples of federal white collar crime include fraud (mail, bank, wire, etc.), RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations), money laundering, bribery, obstruction of justice, environmental fraud, securities violations and more. Examples of Texas white collar crimes include forgery, credit card fraud, identity theft, insurance fraud, and more. Where and how the alleged crime was committed plays a role in determining whether Texas or the Federal government prosecutes the case.

Punishment for being found guilty or pleading guilty to a state or federal white collar crime can range from probation to decades of imprisonment. It’s important to speak with a white collar crime attorney as soon as possible to understand the charges and to develop a plan of action.
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