Texas Surrogacy Attorney

The use of assisted reproduction by families looking to create a family has increased drastically over the last few years. Creating your family through assisted reproduction is exciting and can be emotional. It is critical that you have a surrogacy attorney who has experience in assisted reproductive technology matters represent you, texas surrogacy attorneywhether or not you are the Intended Parent(s), surrogate, or donor. A surrogacy attorney at Gaydos Duffer, P.C. has represented Intended Parents, donors, and surrogates across the world.


A  surrogacy attorney may provide the following services for Intended Parents:

A surrogacy attorney may provide the following services for surrogates:

Egg and Embryo Donation

Whether you are looking for a specialized donor (e.g. particular ethnicity or religion) and don’t know where to begin, looking for an agency, or have a known donor, A surrogacy attorney may represent you throughout the process from locating an agency that may fit your needs to drafting your donor contract. In addition, if you are a donor, it is extremely important that you have your own independent legal counsel review your donor intent contract with you. We have represented numerous donors in Texas and nationwide in reviewing and/or negotiating their egg donor contract.

Mediation for Assisted Reproduction 

Gaydos Duffer, P.C. is proud to be one of a few local firms that have experience in mediating cases involving assisted reproduction issues. If you are involved in an assisted reproduction that has not gone as planned, please contact our office to determine if your case is eligible for mediation.