Family Law & Divorce Services

Gaydos Duffer, P.C. handles a wide range of family disputes, including without limitation, divorce, custody, child support enforcement or modification, grandparents’ rights, and paternity.


In Texas, there are several different ways for a family to dissolve their marriage.  Some of the options for families in Texas to dissolve their marriage include: uncontested divorce (also called the “kitchen table approach”), contested divorce (also called “litigated divorce”), early mediation or collaborative law.  In addition to providing mediation services and handling collaborative law matters, Gaydos Duffer, P.C. handles contested and uncontested divorce matters.

If you and your spouse have already reached an understanding as to how your estate and liabilities will be divided or how you will share parenting time with the children post divorce, The Law Office of Lauren Gaydos Duffer, P.C.  may be able to represent you in preparing the documents to accurately memorialize your agreement in a court order.   Please note that The Law Office of Lauren Gaydos Duffer, P.C. cannot represent both you and your spouse because this poses a conflict of interest.   In addition, The Law Office of Lauren Gaydos Duffer, P.C. represents clients in contested divorce matters, which may involve the need for court intervention.


Whether you have a prior court order that no longer is in the best interest of the child, need to enforce a prior order of the Court or never had a court ordered parenting time schedule put in place, Gaydos Duffer, P.C. represents clients in modification of prior court orders, enforcement of prior court orders regarding parenting time and establishment of court ordered parenting time schedules.

It is not uncommon for the circumstances of the child or the parents to change after the Court enters an order.  Depending on the change of circumstances, the Court’s prior order may no longer be in the best interest of the child.  In Texas, the guideline that the court uses is the “best interest of the child” when making decisions regarding parenting time and parenting rights and duties.  Often, communication between parents breaks down at some point.  If the parents are not married and there has never been a court order establishing parenting time or parenting rights and duties, the parents are left in a state of limbo with no direction as to who has the right to do what or who has the right to see the child and when.  The Law Office of Lauren Gaydos Duffer, P.C. represents clients in modification, enforcement and establishment of court ordered custody.

Child Support

Gaydos Duffer, P.C. handles modification of child support orders and enforcement of child support payments.  Either the parent paying child support or the parent receiving child support, may ask the Court to modify a prior order regarding child support under certain circumstances, which are set forth in the Texas Family Code, Chapter 156.  In addition, Gaydos Duffer, P.C. represents parents in enforcing prior orders of the Court regarding support that are not being followed.

Grandparents’ rights

In today’s society, grandparents are playing more and more of an important role in children’s lives.   The Texas Family Code recognizes that grandparents have the right to request possession and access to their grandchildren under certain circumstances. Gaydos Duffer, P.C. represents grandparents who are seeking possession and/or access to their grandchildren.


Often, families are being created when the mother and father are not legally married.  Whether you are the father of a child and want to have parental rights to the child or you are the mother of a child and want to have the paternity of the child established, Gaydos Duffer, P.C. maybe able to help you. We offer our family law services to those in Arlington, Mansfield, Dallas, and the rest of the DFW area.