Looking to Create Your Family through Adoption, Egg Donation, or Surrogacy?

By Lauren Gaydos Duffer

A Law Firm Focusing on Families

Gaydos Duffer, P.C. was started by Lauren Gaydos Duffer. Lauren grew up in Arlington, Texas and graduated from James Martin High School. She received her undergraduate degree from Baylor University and her law degree from Southern Methodist University.

Gaydos Duffer, P.C. handles all aspects of family law and focuses on surrogacy, egg donation, and adoption.

Gaydos Duffer, P.C.may be able to help you create your family through adoption, surrogacy, and/or egg donation.


Many intended parents do not know where to begin or what their options may be for creating their families through surrogacy. Gaydos Duffer, P.C. represents intended parents in all aspects of surrogacy arrangements from finding an agency to work with to drafting and/or validating their surrogacy agreement. Lauren has worked with several surrogacy agencies across the country and may be able to help you find an agency that you feel comfortable with. In addition, many intended parents find their own surrogates and are looking for a private surrogacy arrangement. We may represent you in a private surrogacy arrangement.

Egg Donation

Finding an egg donor can be a stressful experience. Often, intended parents are looking for specialized donors. Gaydos Duffer, P.C. represents intended parents in many aspects of the donor process from finding an egg donor agency to draftinf egg donor intent contracts (private agency arrangements, known and unknown donors). It is important for intended parents to remember that the attorney for the egg donation agency does not represent them.

About Adoption

Whether you are married, single, or a same-sex couple looking to adopt, it is important for you to have your own attorney throughout the adoption process. Often, people do not know where to start and the adoption process can become overwhelming.

Gaydos Duffer, P.C. may be able to help you through the adoption process from finding an agency to work with to finalizing your adoption (depending on the circumstances of your adoption).

Additionally, Lauren represents prospective adoptive parents in: private adoptions, agency adoptions, finalization of adoptions, compliance with interstate compact, termination of biological parental rights, recognition of foreign decrees of adoption, and step-parent adoptions.

It is important to keep in mind that adoption is business and you will be required to sign legal agreements. Therefore, you should have your own advocate.