Estate Planning Attorneys

During these unprecedented times, having a Will is of greater importance than ever before. Without a Will in place, the probate process when someone dies is vastly more complex and costly, and ultimately delays the transfer of assets to another person. Instead of the assets being divided according to the provisions of an individual’s Will, assets are divided according to Texas probate law. For example, even if you expressed your desires to your loved ones prior to your death, if those desires are not contained within a Will, your desires cannot be executed upon. It’s just that simple.

The cost to prepare a Will pales in comparison to the problems that can arise from not having a Will. At Gaydos Duffer, we recommend that every adult consider having their Will prepared. Contact Gaydos Duffer to consult with one of our highly qualified attorneys to assist you with your estate planning needs and to give you peace of mind that your family will be taken care of even in your absence.