What is the Role of a Legal Assistant in a Family Law Case?

In a family law case, a legal assistant will quickly become your new best friend.  Our litigation legal assistant handles all aspects of the case from participating in the intake process to finalization and closure of your case with the firm.  She is your first point of contact when you have questions or if you […]

What Makes Gaydos Duffer Different?

Family law issues are often fraught with emotion. In divorce cases, life is changing for the spouses, and if they have children, decisions must be made in their best interest. At Gaydos Duffer, we strive to make the experience as stress free as possible. We are a small firm and believe that makes us particularly attentive to […]

What is a Child-Centered Divorce?

When an individual enters a divorce attorney’s office for the first time, they typically have been served with divorce papers, or are considering filing for divorce. Their attention is on how hurt they are, and oftentimes how angry they are at their spouse.  When a potential client walks in our doors at Gaydos Duffer, and […]

7 Things to Know When Adopting in Texas

There are many moving pieces when it comes to an adoption, and the facts of an adoption can be overwhelming, even for our seasoned and experienced adoptive families.  Every case is different, with unique facts. That’s why securing a dynamic legal team for your adoption is one of the most important steps you can take […]

What To Do If You Are Involved In A Ponzi Scheme

A Ponzi scheme is when investors are lured into investing money in an enterprise that really does not exist.  Established investors are paid with the money generated by new investors.  Often, a pyramid scheme may turn out to be a Ponzi scheme.  At Gaydos & Duffer, P.C., we have seen innocent people in the middle […]

Divorce or Do We Try Again?

Some divorcing couples find themselves wavering after the legal process begins. When that happens, at Gaydos Duffer, P.C., we find it a good practice to recommend counseling. If a couple has invested time into another person and a marriage, especially if the couple has children, it seems prudent for them to try at least one […]

I May be Involved in a Ponzi Scheme

Some people who believed they were involved in a legitimate business enterprise find themselves under investigation for their participation in conducting a Ponzi scheme.  A Ponzi scheme is when a person entices people to invest their money in an enterprise with the promise of a high and fast return.  The catch is that the investment […]

How Long Does It Take to Go Through the Whole Adoption Process?

Now that you have made the decision to adopt a child, you are likely restless, wanting to know how long it is going to take before you have that baby in your arms. There are many factors to consider when estimating how long it will take, but at Gaydos Duffer, we try to analyze various […]

Why Is There an Increase in Surrogacy Parents?

More people are coming to Texas to exercise their option of becoming parents through surrogacy. Texas has a surrogacy statute that protects married and single intended parent(s). At Gaydos Duffer P.C, we guide our clients through the entire surrogacy process from selecting an agency to finalizing parental rights. Texas Laws Texas surrogacy laws are very […]

How to Recognize a Ponzi Scheme

Say the name Bernie Madoff and most people recognize the name as the person who was the organizer of one of the most successful Ponzi schemes in history. For more than 20 years, he convinced investors to trust him to invest their money. He made promises about the return on their investments that were simply […]