Brooke Wilson

Brooke Wilson

Brooke M. Wilson was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas.  She graduated from Texas Tech University with her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology in 2006 and received her Juris Doctorate from Texas Wesleyan School of Law (now known as Texas A&M School of Law) in 2009.

Brooke has practiced family law in Tarrant County since 2009.  She has gained valuable experience through working both as a private attorney as well as with large firms in Fort Worth.  Her experiences have taught her how to effectively guide her clients to make decisions that will provide them with the best possible outcomes for their particular situations.  By focusing her practice on family law, she has been able to establish a solid reputation within the legal community and provide clients with strong, confident legal representation.

Brooke is a skilled and effective negotiator who takes an honest approach in advising her clients.  She is a no nonsense, straight forward person who makes it her goal to help her clients reach agreements that always account for her client’s needs and the needs of their families.

Brooke strongly believes in helping her clients navigate through the messy areas of family law matters with as much dignity as possible and always their best interest at heart.  It is her desire to assist her clients in maintaining control over their outcomes by advocating for reasonable and rational agreements.  When settling isn’t an option, Brooke is an experienced and zealous advocate for her clients in the Courtroom.

When Brooke isn’t advocating for her clients, she stays busy with her young daughter, Audrey.  They love spending their free time at the Zoo or outdoors and with family and friends.  Brooke Wilson is a practical, accomplished and determined family law attorney who would love to assist you with your family law matter.

Professional Experience

  • Managed a large case load of uncontested and contested divorces, custody matters, enforcement/contempt actions, and adoptions; often dealing with complex and sensitive issues involving Child Protective Services, drug and alcohol addiction and family violence.
  • Appeared and argued first chair at countless hearings, trials, mediations and settlement conferences.
  • Successfully negotiated settlement agreements in many cases and effectively advocated the client’s position in court when settlement was impossible.
  • Handled cases from the initial interview to final trial, drafted and reviewed all pleadings, motions, orders, discovery requests and responses, prepared for all hearings and trials, and maintained regular contact with clients, opposing counsel and the courts.

Legal Experience


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